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Andrea Electronics is a Pioneer of Digital Array & Speech Recognition Microphones and Noise Reduction Software Solutions.

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Speech Recognition Microphone: DA-350 Automotive – Speech Recognition MicrophoneThe Automotive Array DA-350 is a linear multi-element array microphone with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuitry contained within a single microphone housing. The DA-350 is ideal for achieving superior voice intelligibility and accuracy of Speech Recognition systems and hands-free cellular speakerphones used in high noise environments.
Speech Recognition Microphone: DA-250 OEM – Speech Recognition MicrophoneThe speech recognition microphone DA-250 is a small Compact Stereo Array Microphone and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) circuit board platform that can easily be integrated into many different OEM devices that would greatly benefit from directional noise canceling & speech recognition microphone performance, but in the past has been unattainable with an embedded microphone configuration. Requiring only two tiny holes in the faceplate of a device, the DA-250 speech recognition microphone can deliver directional microphone sensitivity without the need for acoustic baffling, as found in large parabolic waveguides or long shotgun tube type microphones. The DA-250 is perfect for systems that demand superior microphone sound quality and performance for speech recognition accuracy and/or communication system intelligibility, while at the same time requiring the user to speak at distance from the microphone. Superior sound quality far-field/hands-free speech recognition microphone performance.

Andrea Electronics

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Delivering Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition Microphone Innovations for Over 20 Years

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Over 1,000,000 SuperBeam Speech Recognition Microphones Sold

Pioneered Microphone/Headset Technology for IBM Speech Recognition

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