80 Years of Audio Innovation

Company Overview

Andrea-About-Us-Image-v2Andrea Electronics is a pioneer of digital array microphones and noise reduction software.

Andrea is an industry leader of product solutions that optimize the performance of voice driven applications such as; Speech Recognition, VoIP, Video Conferencing, Computer Gaming, In-Car Computing and Mobile Recording among others.

We possess both the technological and engineering capability to deliver truly innovative audio input solutions at cost-competitive prices. We can embed, scale or customize our unique Patented Microphone Technologies for various software and hardware platforms. In addition, we also provide over 20 years of embedded microphone acoustics know-how.

Commitments to research and development have enabled Andrea Electronics to carve a niche in a converging computing and communications marketplace. As a result, the Company has built a leadership position as a provider of front-end digital audio input solutions for the OEM computer industry.

End users enjoy our hi-definition sound quality and the fact that our products increase the intelligibility of communicating while in real world noisy environments. As well as providing state-of-the-art digital array microphones and noise reduction software, we pride ourselves in also delivering the highest level of technical customer service.



Frank-Andrea-2For 80 years, Andrea Electronics Corporation has been a pioneer of audio innovations that enhance the enjoyment, intelligibility and user experience of our products. Our past array of products are showcased in the Henry Ford Museum and Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Our products have been used in the consumer, commercial and military markets.

Andrea Electronics is now a world leader of digital microphone technology and products for computer applications such as voice over the Internet (VoIP) communications as well as demanding automatic speech recognition software.

Andrea Radio Corporation was originally founded by Frank A.D. Andrea Sr. in 1934 and was a leader in radio production in the 1940s. The Company was know for the “Cadillac of televisions” in the 1950s and flew into space providing the astronaut audio system for the Mercury spacecraft in the early 1960s. The Company went public in 1961 and is now trading under the symbol ANDR.OB. In the 1970s and 1980s Andrea Electronics became a premier supplier of high performance avionic intercom equipment for defense industry manufacturers, like Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Sikorsky and Lockheed.

Utilizing its experience in developing intercom systems for high noise aircraft environments, the Company formed an active noise cancellation division in 1990 and changed its name to Andrea Electronics Corporation to better reflect its new strategic direction. The Company has successfully transformed itself from a manufacturer of industrial and military intercommunication systems to become a creator of innovative audio technologies, incorporating new patented technologies to enable natural language interfaces and enhance the performance of voice-related PC applications. Since its inception, the Company has gone through a remarkable evolution as an audio technology leader, meeting the ever-changing needs of a demanding audio communications marketplace.

Recently, Andrea pioneered the development of high fidelity microphone technologies, headsets, digital audio devices and software for enabling the use of automatic speech recognition software. These innovative products enabled Andrea Electronics to carve a niche in a converging communications marketplace. The Company’s proprietary PC audio technologies have gained a widespread following, acceptance and support from industry leaders and end-users such as IBM Corporation and Microsoft Corporation, among others.

The Company has broadened its audio input capabilities, intellectual properties and is highly skilled in the development of noise cancellation microphone technologies utilizing digital signal processing (DSP). Its core competency in the DSP audio domain is focused on enhancing the sound quality and performance of microphone applications for consumer electronics, industrial and professional audio markets. Andrea introduced the first commercially available digital array microphone in 1998 for use with the Clarion Auto PC and Windows CE command and control speech recognition user interface. The Company’s patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA), PureAudio, SuperBeam, EchoStop, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and other software enhancement technologies are expected to strongly enhance Andrea Electronics’ product lines and market opportunities for the future of audio communications.